RAFA 2019 Outcomes

RAFA 2019 in numbers:
  • 820 delegates participated
  • 53 countries from 4 continents represented
  • 146 lectures including 23% presented by young scientists
  • 495 posters presented
  • 45 companies exhibited / sponsored the conference
  • 15 media partners participated
  • 13 poster awards granted
  • 16 vendor seminars, 5 workshops on novel analytical strategies, 1 educative interactive seminar, 2 events co-organised by food authorities beyond EU - China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), EU reference laboratories colloquium and SMART LAB (information and demo’s on smart analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety by FoodSmartphone and PhasmaFood EU projects), EU-China-Safe Info Day (Delivering an Effective, Resilient and Sustainable EU-China Food Safety Partnership), EIT Food Awareness event
  • The 2019 Book of Abstracts is available online here
  • The 2019 Program is available here
  • Regional distribution of all RAFA 2019 delegates: 10% Czech Republic, 73% rest of Europe (countries with participation above 3% - Austria 3.1%, Belgium 4.7%, France 5.1%, Germany 16.5%, Italy 6.0%, Netherlands 4.2 %; Spain 4.3%, Switzerland 3.2%, UK 10.4%), 9% Asia, 6% North America, 1% South America, 1% Australia and Oceania
  • Affiliation distribution of all RAFA 2019 delegates: 25% Academia, 17% Research institutes, 29% Industry & SMEs, 14% Governmental bodies, 7% Contract labs, 8% Other organisations (EU, trade organisations, press, other - consultants, nonprofit organisations, united nations agency, etc.)

Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here

Final RAFA 2019 program can be downloaded here

Poster Awards winners can be found here

Presentation "Summary of RAFA 2019 Highlights" by Michele Suman, Barilla, Italy here

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Prof. Jana Hajslova, RAFA 2019 chair, gave interview on the RAFA 2019 topics for the Czech public TV

VIDEOS – coming soon:
  • Presentations from the RAFA 2019 plenary session
  • Video about RAFA 2019